December 19, 2008


Gainco introduces new poultry processing system


US,Georgia based poultry distribution system manufacturer Gainco has developed a new high speed sizing and distribution system.


Called the Overhead Sizing and Distribution System, it consists of a scale, control system, sync sensors, and bird unloaders that are used to drop the birds. It is capable of running at line speeds up to 12,000 shackles per hour (200 shackles per minute).


The high-speed scale unit features built-in overload protection and prevents shackles from crossing.  Unloaders are positioned at desired locations along the overhead line, and feature fully adjustable dual guide bars to mitigate product swinging. Sync sensors positioned near the unloaders use through-beam sensors to recount each shackle.


Gainco designs and manufactures scale systems and online electronic weighing, sizing and distribution systems for the poultry, red meat and food processing industries. It is the largest American-based manufacturer and service provider in its field.

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