December 18, 2020


Cal-Maine Foods expands cage-free egg capacity in Kentucky, US


Cal-Maine Foods is expanding its US plant in the state of Kentucky to increase production of cage-free eggs as states across the country implement new requirements, just-food reported.

The expansion in the city of Guthrie, Kentucky will cost US$40 million. Extension work has commenced and project completion is expected in late 2022. The company plans to convert existing facilities to house 1.5 million cage-free hens and 30,000 pullets.

In 2019, Cal-Maine spent US$148 million to expand three of its facilities to meet new requirements for cage-free hens: the Delta, Utah plant, a site in Pittsburg, Texas, and another in Zephyrhills, Florida.

Dolph Baker, chairman and chief executive of Cal-Maine, said in a statement, "This latest expansion supports our continued efforts to position Cal-Maine Foods as an industry leader in meeting future customer goals for cage-free eggs. The Guthrie location is strategically located close to a large customer footprint, which will enable us to enhance our distribution of cage-free eggs for this important market region."

Baker added that the business has invested more than US$462m over the past 12 years in facilities and equipment to expand cage-free egg production as a "growing number of states" now require allocations for cage-free birds to be implemented from 2022 to 2026. For example, the state of California has a requirement that all eggs and associated products should be cage-free by 2022.