December 18, 2012


AquaLiv Technologies signs non-binding LOI to acquire Verity Farms

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AquaLiv Technologies, Inc. announced the signing of a non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire Verity Farms, a company committed to decreasing chemical dependency and genetic modification in food production.


AquaLiv Technologies, Inc., through its subsidiary AquaLiv, Inc., provides physics-based solutions to biological challenges, including the AquaLiv Water System that enhances drinking water to improve health; and AgSmart Rice, which increases rice crop yields and provides resistance to pests, disease, and storms. The company's solutions are used for applications in water treatment, environmental science, agriculture, animal husbandry, personal use products, and medical industries.


Bill Wright, CEO of AquaLiv Technologies, Inc. said, "We have been working extremely hard to advance the business in a positive manner when we are blessed with an opportunity to acquire a synergistic company with high moral values, strong revenues and assets, and on the same mission as AquaLiv."


Verity's innovative programme focuses on soil stewardship during crop and livestock production using practical knowledge and scientific principles. After preparing the soil to Verity's high standards, the soils are tested to determine if they meet the standard of non-detectable amounts of the more than 250 known carcinogens and chemical residues. Then the soils qualify for Verity grain production.


Verity is organised into three business divisions: soil preservation, water systems and consumer products. The common goal within each Verity Business Unit is to decrease chemical dependency, to diminish the need for genetic modification, to preserve the family farm, and ultimately, to provide a nutritious, high-quality food source to consumers.


AquaLiv Technologies, Inc., through its subsidiary, AquaLiv, Inc., offers unique solutions and for a variety of industries. AquaLiv, Inc. is a life sciences research and development company creating novel products for numerous industries. From increased crop yields to drug-free medicine, AquaLiv is providing innovative physics-based solutions to the world's largest problems.

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