December 17, 2015
UK pork imports rise 11% in October


UK pork imports in October rose substantially by 11% to 33,900 tonnes compared with the same month last year, according to AHDB Pork, a division of the UK's Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board.


Shipments from Denmark, UK's biggest pork supplier, were up by 20% while purchases from Spain, mostly bone-in legs, almost doubled to 3,100 tonnes.


In terms of value, pork imports were down 1% to £55.7 million (US$83.3 million) as prices remained lower than last year, AHDB Pork said.


Bacon imports continued to be on a downtrend, declining by 6% in October to 22,900 tonnes and suggesting more pork was being imported for curing. Processed ham was also down. Imports of sausages, however, were up.


UK pork exports in October, meanwhile, were little changed from last year at 17,400 tonnes. Sales to the US, Ireland, China and the Netherlands increased while those to Germany, Denmark and Hong Kong decreased.


Value of exports was down by £18.9 million ($28.25).


Cured and processed pig meat exports were lower, mainly due to reduced sales to Ireland, but pig offal exports were nearly 60% higher than in October 2014. Shipments to China, in particular, were up 80%. 


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