December 17, 2008

Bird flu fatality to hit Cambodia's poultry sales


Following the World Health Organization's announcement that a human died from eating poultry with bird flu on Friday (Dec 12), poultry vendors in Cambodia have already expressed deep concerns of huge sales dip.


The 19-year-old Cambodian who ate dead poultry is the country's first bird flu fatality since 2007.


Vendors voiced concern about their businesses, which has been seriously hit by the seven previous bird flu cases found in humans in Cambodia, all of whom died.


However, hawker Huy Say is confident that business will soon resume to normal once the bird flu predicament eases. The first bird flu case dragged his chicken and ducks trade at the O'Russei market but bounced back after a month.


He noted that a similar pattern was repeated every time a bird flu case was announced.


The Cambodian Agriculture Minister Chan Sarun said on Monday (Dec 15), that people and animals were being tested and that no new infection had been found.

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