December 17, 2008


US beef imports decline on lower shipments

The US has imported less beef this year, as exporting nations have reduced their shipments to the country.


Brazil has reduced exports of cooked meats and processed meat to the US by 80 percent this year, compared with 2007. Brazil exported only 4,886 tonnes of cooked meats to the US this year, a sharp decline from 25,237 tonnes in 2007.


Uruguay exported 4,217 tonnes of cooked meat to the US this year, compared with 16,763 tonnes in 2007, as more lucrative markets have become available for frozen fresh beef.


Australia's manufacturing beef exports to the US also fell by 22,500 tonnes due to the emerging Russian market, which purchased 72,000 tonnes of the product.


For this year, the US imported 60,011 tonnes, compared with 82,615 tonnes in 2007.


Canada has filled in the void for manufacturing beef, exporting 72,367 tonnes of the product to the US this year, up 18 percent on-year.

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