December 17, 2003



French Pig Industry Seek EC's Assistance in Supply Glut Hitch


The French government and pigmeat industry on Tuesday welcomed the European Commission's decision to grant storage aid to the sector but pork producers requested for more help as excess supply has resulted in pigmeat prices at 2-year lows.


"This rapid reaction by the Commission is an important step in the recovery of the pork market in Europe," French Farm Minister Herve Gaymard said in a statement.


French industry body INAPORC (Interprofession Nationale Porcine) also said it was pleased the Commission had recognised the "state of economic crisis" in the pigmeat sector.


But in a statement it also expressed disappointment that the Commission had not re-instated export refunds for pigmeat in the same way it had done for poultry.


"Such a decision is indispensable to combat the strong market imbalance which has led to the low prices and to allow a significant upturn in trade with non-EU countries ready to import pigmeat in anticipation of winter," INAPORC said.