December 16, 2019


Swine and poultry exports from Brazil set to grow in 2020


Brazil's pork and chicken exports are set to increase next year with continual strong demand for China following African swine fever (ASF) disease disrupting local supplies, reported Reuters.


ABPA, a Brazillian industry group representing swine and poultry producers said dwindling pork supplies in China and other countries in Asia will boost demand for other types of meat such as chicken.


The industry group projects pork exports next year to increase 15% to 850,000 tonnes. Exports in 2019 are projected to have increased 14.5% to 740,000 tonnes following boosted sales to China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Russia and Chile.


APBA also said chicken exports will rise 7% to 4.5 million tonnes in 2020 compared to the 4.2 million tonnes estimated in 2019.


Ricardo Santin, the new ABPA president from April 2020 said chicken exports will be bolstered by increased sales to China and hopes that Mexico will renew its chicken import quota from Brazil.


He added that the government and industry players are working together to boost exports of poultry to India, which had its first Brazil poultry import in 2019.


Santin also said talks involving reduction of meat import tariffs from India and accelerating import license issuances will begin during a Brazil government visit to India in January 2020.


Currently, a 100% import tariff has been imposed on chicken cuts from Brazil, along with a 30% tariff in whole chickens.


According to data by ABPA, Brazil boosted exports of pork to China by 51% to 218,000 tonnes from January to November this year, with chicken exports rising 28% to 513,000 tonnes between the same period.


-  Reuters

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