December 16, 2016


Shrimp feed mill in Ecuador to use latest technology



Project teams from Danish aqua feed maker GRAINTEC and commodities trader Cargill have completed the technical design of a state-of-the-art shrimp feed facility in Ecuador.


The modern facility incorporates the newest technology and sets high quality standards, according to a news post on GRAINTEC's website.


Earlier in mid-2015, Cargill Inc. formed a joint venture with Colombian fishing company Naturisa S.A. to build the $30-million facility, located near the city of Guayaquil in Ecuador. It is envisioned to produce 130,000 tonnes of shrimp feed annually.


"The challenge with shrimp food is the right density of the food to ensure that the feed keeps its quality when floating", said Cristian Toscano, Graintec's area sales manager for Latin America. "The production process requires the right pelletizers and extruding technology in order to receive the best feed conversion rate."


Besides its modern technology, the Ecuadorian facility will be earthquake-secured. It is expected to start commercial production before summer in 2018.



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