December 16, 2011


Plant inspection pilot programme benefits US-Canada poultry industry



A new pilot programme to conduct inspections in plants in-country will better facilitate trade between the US and Canada, and avert delays at the border, announced the American Meat Institute.


The pilot, unveiled in Washington by President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, encompasses many different industries, but the US meat and poultry industry is particularly well-suited to it and stands to benefit greatly from it, as will consumers.


"We commend the US and Canadian governments for this common sense pilot program," said AMI President, J. Patrick Boyle.  "Our US and Canadian meat and poultry processing systems are nearly identical, as are our federal meat inspection regulations. Our nations are uniquely suited to this kind of collaborate effort and it stands to benefit both of our countries and our citizens."


In April 2011, AMI joined the Canadian Meat Council in filing joint comments with the Department of Commerce in support of efforts to increase regulatory cooperation among NAFTA nations that would facilitate trade and reduce unnecessary paperwork. Further details can be found on the AMI website.

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