December 16, 2008


South Africa bans all EU meat and dairy on dioxin scare

South Africa has imposed a ban on all EU meat and dairy products following the dioxin-tainted pork scandal.


The ban, which also includes the suspension of edible animal products such as pet food, was imposed due to concerns of wide distribution of animal feed between member states, said the European Commission.


South African authorities will no longer issue any veterinary import permits for the EU products, and all unused permits will be withdrawn.


Meat and dairy products exported to South Africa after December 12 will be rejected and returned to the country of origin regardless of the slaughter or production dates. The situation will be re-evaluated once the source and extent of the dioxin contamination are known, said the Commission.


The cut-off date for the recall of all Irish pork and bacon will be from pigs slaughtered after September 1, and the cut-off date will also apply to meat and dairy products exported to South Africa from other EU member states, according to the European Commission statement.


All consignments that were at inspection sites would be detained at the ports of entry and be dealt with individually.


Exports of EU meat and dairy products to South Africa are worth about EUR500 million (US$685 million).

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