December 16, 2008


Irish firms in US recalling dioxin-tainted pork

Three Irish firms in the US are recalling pork products suspected of dioxin-contamination, after the Food Safety Authority of Ireland informed the US Food Safety and Inspection Service of the possible contamination based on routine surveillance testing.


Dawn International is recalling about 33,880 pounds of fresh pork products for possible dioxin contamination.


Tommy Moloney's Inc. is recalling about 4,041 pounds of fresh pork products that were sent to several importers in the US. The products had been sent to retail stores in many states including California, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia.


Rupari Food Services is also recalling about 41,020 pounds of fresh pork products that were sent to restaurants in California.


All recalled products were produced between September 1 and December 7, as routine testing revealed the presence of dioxin.


The cancerous dioxin is a byproduct of manufacture and burning of organic chemicals and plastics that contain chlorine. In addition to cancer, dioxin contamination could lead to birth defects such as autism, liver disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, psychological disorders, and nerve and blood disorders among other health issues.

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