December 16, 2008
China to resume pork imports from Germany

China is slated to re-import pork from Germany, particular pork offals come May 2009.


An agreement was made in September this year by both countries that allow Germany to export pork to China.  China had banned German pork several years due to outbreaks of Classical Swine Fever (CSF) in commercial farms in the country. 


About 20 German companies have applied for Chinese inspection which will take place before February 2009. Only facilities that exclusively process pork meat can apply for inspections. 


Industry sources expect the first exports to start in May 2009.   


Once the trade resumes, shipments of pork offals would go to directly China instead to Hong Kong with exports to Hong Kong likely to return to previous levels.


German pork exports to China will mostly consist of pig parts not popular with German consumers including claws, ears, tails and bellies.


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