December 16, 2008


Australia's dairy programme extends into southeast

Australia's dairy farmers in the South East will soon have access to the DairySAT programme through the expansion of Dairying for Tomorrow (DFT) project.

DairySAT helps farmers to assess farm management areas such as irrigation, effluent and chemical management, nutrients and biodiversity. An action plan will then be developed for the farm, assisting farm development and improvement.

As part of the DFT project, an on-ground works programme will also be delivered to establish dual role biodiversity and windbreak plantings will specialist technical assistance. The project will also include a nutrient loss risk-mapping component, demonstrating how traditional methods of averaging soil samples across the property and applying set fertiliser rates can result in overloading of nutrients in high use areas.

The project will also identify and develop relevant cross-border activities with the dairy industry in southwest Victoria.

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