December 16, 2008
Novogen appoints R&D manager
Press Release

NOVOGEN announced that Thierry Burlot has joined the company in October 2008 as R&D manager.


Burlot will focus on the further development of Novogen's layer products and its product range, and he will also lead the genomics project for Novogen as part of Groupe Grimaud's key focus areas.


Burlot graduated at Institut Superieur Agricole in Beauvais, France in 1994 followed by a genetics degree at Iowa State University in 1998. Since then he has been involved in different roles in the genetic selection of pork and poultry. Burlot has been working as a geneticist/R&D manager for ISA in France since 2004.


Burlot will also be in close contact with Novogen's customers to support sales development and to evaluate the company's products under different circumstances, according to Novogen's general manager, Mickael Le Helloco.


A company of Groupe Grimaud, Novogen is a layer-breeding firm and an independent supplier of layer breeds.
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