December 16, 2008

Noveko International Inc. launches new swine production technology


Noveko International Inc. has recently achieved breakthroughs in the swine market with its Noveko air filtration technology.


The company has recently obtained orders to equip 11 hog farm sites in Quebec. These sales are made through Monitrol Inc. (Monitrol), a North American leader in control systems and ventilation management equipment for farm buildings. Monitrol acts as the exclusive distributor of the Noveko(TM) patented antimicrobial air filters for the hog and poultry market in North America.


Based on the filter delivery schedule, the company expects these orders to yield concrete results during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2009. To maximize the effectiveness of the Noveko antimicrobial air filters, it is recommended that each farm replace the filter cartridges on average every two years, thereby providing the Company with a recurring source of revenue.


The company also said that through Monitrol, it has obtained its first antimicrobial air filter orders, valued at approximately US$160,000, to equip hog farm sites in Mexico. These filters are scheduled to be delivered at the beginning of 2009. Being a significant hog producer, Mexico is expected to purchase more of Noveko's new system.


During the Allen D. Leman Swine Conference held in Minneapolis last September, Dr. Scott Dee of the University of Minnesota publicly disclosed the conclusive results of his laboratory work aimed at assessing the effectiveness of the Noveko antimicrobial air filters in blocking the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus under extreme conditions.


In addition to demonstrating the effectiveness of the Noveko air filters in blocking the transmission of the virus by filtration, Dr. Dee's work also proved that the antimicrobial technology specific to the Company's air filters was able to inactivate the PRRS virus.


Considering these conclusive laboratory results, Dr. Dee recently invited Noveko participate on a permanent basis in his research on a farm scale. An experimental facility built by the Company, equipped with the Noveko(TM) air filtration technology and reproducing the natural conditions of a hog farm is now on-site at the SDEC in Appleton, Minnesota.


Noveko International Inc. is a holding company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Its subsidiaries specialize in the development and marketing of products in the biomedical and environmental fields, including face masks, air filters and other antimicrobial products.

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