December 16, 2008


Brazil to increase fisheries production


Brazil fisheries industry targets to increase its production from 1.05 million tonnes to 1.43 million tonnes up until 2011 as the country's local consumption and sales of fish grows around 15 percent yearly.


Special Secretariat for Aquaculture and Fisheries minister Altemir Gregolin said 35 percent of the federal inspection services by the Ministry of Agriculture to construct industrial plants went to the fishery sector this year.


He also said the government is very supportive and is investing in the development of fisheries and aquaculture.

He said Brazil has enormous potential for expansion of fishery consumption witha population of almost 200 million.

The plan forecasts investment of 1.75 billion Brazilian reais (US$ 748 million) by 2011, a fivefold increase compared to the period from 2003 to 2007.


The plan also includes the transformation of the secretariat into the Ministry for Fisheries, which is in progress at the National Congress.


The establishment of the Embrapa Aquaculture and Fisheries which provides feasible solutions for the sustainable development of Brazilian agribusiness is also forecasted.

He showed certainty that Brazil may soon become a great exporter of fisheries where shipments could rise from 1 million tonnes to at least 20 million tonnes of fishery products.


He said this will place Brazil among the main producers of fisheries alongside China, Peru and Chile.

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