December 16, 2008

Brazil's farmers plant 92 percent of 2008-09 soy crop


Brazilian farmers have planted 92 percent of the new 2008-09 soy crop as of December 11, consulting firm AgRural said Friday (December 12).

AgRural said that this is slightly below 95 percent at the same time in 2007 and above 85 percent on December 4.

The consultancy estimated that Brazilian farmers will plant 22 million hectares for the 2008-09 crop. AgRural also said that Brazil should harvest 61.8 million tonnes of soy in 2008-09.

AgRural said Mato Grosso state, Brazil's No.1 soy producer, has finished planting its soy for 2008-09.

The seeding was done without problems in most areas and some farmers are getting ready to begin harvesting after Christmas in some areas.

AgRural added that Parana, the No. 2 soy growing state, has planted 97 percent of its soy. The state experienced some difficulties due to the recent dry weather, but received rain last week.

Still, despite the rain, AgRural said that the number of fields in good condition fell to around 66 percent from 86 percent, citing research by Parana's Rural Economics Department.

Rio Grande do Sul, the No.3 soy producer, has planted 83 percent of its soy.

Brazil is the No. 2 soy producer behind the US.

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