December 15, 2011


Tajikistan lowers egg imports by more than 15%



Statistics from January to August 2011 have shown that the import of eggs and chicken meat in Tajikistan reduced significantly by more than 15% due to an increase in the volume of domestic production.


Imports of poultry in the preliminary estimates will be 20% to 25% less in 2011 compared with on-year.


"Earlier eggs came in a large volume from Iran, Pakistan, India and China. Now imports of eggs from these countries have completely stopped," said Mashokir Nazarov, CEO of Gosunitarnogo Ptitseprom, currently the largest egg producer in the country. "Increasing the production of eggs by the national enterprises was promoted. For example, in January to August, more than 102.5 million eggs were produced, which is 18.3 million units more than the same period last year".


"Also at the end of the year the country's largest companies for the production of poultry in Pyanj and Faizabad districts will be put into operation. It is assumed that in the new complex in Faizabad district, the volume of chicken meat production will reach 12,000 tonnes per year. These complexes in the first year of operation will produce about one million eggs "- he noted.


"The Ministry of Agriculture predicts that 275 million eggs will be produced in the country this year while the domestic need is estimated at 1.3 billion pieces. The main constraint for the development of the industry is the high price for feed," Nazarov concluded.

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