December 15, 2011


Kazakhstan removes Kyrgyz dairy products ban



Kazakhstan has removed an almost two-month ban on Kyrgyz dairy products, acting Prime Minister Omurbek Babanov said on Tuesday (Dec 13).


The Kazakh government has authorised five Kyrgyz companies to supply products, ending the ban imposed on October 19 in response to an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Kyrgyzstan.


The Kazakh premier assured Babanov he would instruct Kazakhstan's agriculture ministry to permit the flow of Kyrgyz dairy products in the country.


"Foot-and-mouth disease, as we have seen, negatively impacts our economy and needs serious preventative measures. The outbreak was a serious omission. We dismissed several executives. We must make every effort that this does not happen again," Babanov said.


Kyrgyz exporters were selling more than 120 tonnes of milk per day to Kazakhstan before the ban was imposed.


Babanov also appealed to business leaders not to try to monopolise the market, but allow the entry of new competitors and entrepreneurs.

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