December 15, 2011


Croatian farmers request compensation for diseased cattle



Croatia's Agriculture Ministry is to urgently secure funds for the payment of compensation to cattle breeders whose cattle have acquired enzootic bovine leucosis (EBL), the Croatian Farmers Association requested on Wednesday (Dec 14).


The EBL is an infectious viral disease of cattle characterised by the development of a cancer of white blood cells.


The disease has been detected in indoor dairy cows and outdoor nursing cows that are reared extensively. The farmers association called for making a plan to eradicate it, warning that otherwise the cattle farming sector could suffer further damage and cut production.


Association leader Mijo Latin said the disease had appeared in almost all counties, with around 1,000 heads of cattle infected.


The highest number of infected cows was reported in Osijek-Baranja County (more than 600).


Latin said the diseased cows had to be given away for slaughter at a very low price, which was why he said farmers should be compensated for.


The farmers association said that the number of infected cows was growing.

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