December 15, 2008


South African pig farmers receive swine fever payout


Pig farmers whose livestock were culled following the 2005 swine fever outbreak in South Africa will be paid ZAR75 million (US$7.42 million) in compensation, the Eastern Cape department of agriculture said on Thursday (Dec 11, 2008).


The compensation, to be paid out this week, follows the Veterinary Services Directorate of the Eastern Cape's recommendation that pigs affected by swine fever be culled to prevent the spread of the disease.


The payout comes after the department announced plans to assist pig farmers to protect their stock from future disease outbreaks.


A process to assist farmers who lost their pigs through culling to re-stock has begun as the pigsties are expected to be disease free.


A breeding programme at the Tsolo Institute of Agriculture and Rural Development in South Africa, where aspirant pig farmers will be able to buy piglets for re-stocking, is also underway.


US$1 = ZAR10.04 (Dec 15)

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