December 15, 2008


US poultry consumption lowest in 7 years

The US Livestock Marketing Information Centre said that America's per capita poultry consumption has hit a record low of 217.9 pounds (lbs) per person, the lowest since 2001.


The fall is due to a dip in hog and poultry industries during the fourth quarter.


The centre however noted that supply of poultry and red meat was enough throughout most of 2008. Last year, the centre said that estimated per capita total red meat and poultry consumption in the US was 221.3 lbs per person.


A fall in poultry production is expected in 2009 and 2010 as a result of cuts in output in both US and Canada.


The centre pointed out that if exports and imports remain at current 2009 forecast figures, and production cuts in pork and poultry persist, total per capita consumption of poultry will record low levels which were not seen in 12 years.

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