December 15, 2008

Argentina's Jan-Oct poultry export volume up 35 percent on-year

Argentina's poultry exports from January through October rose sharply on the year, posting a 35 percent gain in volume and 60 percent gain in value.


Exports during the period totalled 160,116 tonnes, valued at US$241 million, the agricultural sanitation and quality service, Senasa, said in a press release Friday (December 12).


Fresh poultry exports during the period totalled 114,064 tonnes valued at US$181 million. Venezuela was the top market for fresh poultry exports, followed by Chile and South Africa.


Processed poultry exports during the period totalled 3,470 tonnes, a 7 percent year-on-year increase in volume, Senasa said. Germany and the Netherlands were the leading buyers of Argentina's processed poultry shipments.


China, Hong Kong and Vietnam led imports of Argentine poultry feet, wings, and other parts.

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