December 15, 2008


Romania's meat sales plunge on dioxin scare
Romania's meat sales have dropped sharply due to the presence of dioxin-tainted meat in the market, according to Florin Minea, president of the Romanian Association of Meat Processors on Thursday (Dec 11).


Sales have slowed, despite there was usually a 25- to 30-percent growth in December, said Minea.


Not all companies in the industry have bought Irish pork, said Minea, adding that posters had been put up in stores to announce that no Irish pork were imported or sold in order to boost sales.


Daily meat and meat products consumption in Romania is about 1,500-1,800 tonnes.


About 133.6 tonnes of dioxin-tainted meat have entered Romania so far, of which only 34 tonnes were discovered and seized, according to Radu Roatis, chairman of the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Agency.

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