December 14, 2011


Ukrainian grain production exceeds 55 million tonnes



Ukraine's general grain production in clean weight exceeded 55 million tonnes, according to Nikolai Prysiazhnyuk, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food.


The Minister said that in the current year Ukraine increased wheat production by 5.5 million tonnes compared to 2010. And, corn at 10 million tonnes, sunflower seed at 1.5 million tonnes, respectively.


Also, Prysiazhnyuk noted that in 2011 Ukraine reached the record yield index of grains - 38 c/ha. Corn yield in Ukraine shows one of the highest results in the world - 64 c/ha, up 20 c/ha compared to last year.


The Minister said that the growth rates of agricultural production in Ukraine in 2011 totalled almost 117% compared to the last year results. Ukraine joined the top three largest grain exporters in the world, barley exports in first place and wheat in 6th place.

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