December 14, 2011


Botswana to put up cattle traceability system


To put up a cattle traceability system in place in the country, the Botswana government has spent about BWP2 million (US$266,000).


This follows after the EU suspended all beef exports from Botswana earlier in the year over deficiencies in official controls, traceability, abattoir operators and certification procedures. Abattoirs listed for EU exports have also stepped up efforts to comply with EU requirements and among other measures, they have streamlined records of treatments with veterinary medicine at farms.


Botswana's beef industry relief heavily on exports to the European market, with 70% of Botswana's beef exports being consumed by the EU before the crisis. During the course of 2011, the country has sought alternative markets to diversify its beef exporting destinations and leave it less vulnerable to EU demand. These initiatives included live cattle exports to neighbouring countries such as Angola and Zimbabwe. Beef ranked second after diamonds in Botswana's total exports earnings.

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