December 14, 2011


Kazakhstan's grain carry-over stocks reach 24.06 million tonnes



As of December 1, 2011, Kazakhstan had a total of 24.06 million tonnes grain carry-over stocks, down 938.59 thousand tonnes, or 3.8%, as compared to November 1, 2011, according to data of the Agency of Statistics of the Republic.


As of December 1, milling grains formed the major share of grain carry-over stocks, as in previous periods of 20.5 million tonnes, or 85% of the general reserves, including 19.5 million tonnes milling wheat (81.2%).


Wheat carry-over stocks in the grain balance totalled 21.807 million tonnes, or 90.6% of the general grain reserves.


Barley carry-over stocks in the grain balance totalled 1.5 million tonnes, including 763.3 thousand tonnes of feed barley.


Further, the carry-over volumes rice and oats formed the remaining grain reserves in the country.

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