December 13, 2011


Frozen products lift Chile's export volume by 11%


The volume of exports have grown by 11.1% from 764,860 tonnes in 2010 to 850,000 tonnes this year, the Undersecretariat of Fisheries (Subpesca) reported.


In the first nine months of 2011, fishery and aquaculture product exports in Chile reached a value of US$3,384 million, representing a rise of 32.3% on-year at US$2,558 million.


Shipments of frozen products accounted for 47.6% of the total export volume and fishmeal ones totalled 28.1%, according to the latest Subpesca Fishing and Aquaculture Sector.


Sales of frozen and fresh chilled products were the most voluminous, both representing 69.6% of the total.


After that, fish oil, smoked products, dried seaweed and agar agar were placed.


The average price of the exported fishery products between January and September was US$4 per kilogramme, 19% higher than on-year.


According to statistics from Subpesca, the main exported product was Atlantic salmon, which accounted for 26.2% of total sales abroad. This was followed by rainbow trout and Pacific salmon.


Chilean products were destined for 106 countries, of which the nine main ones accounted for 78.8% of total exports. Among them are Japan, US, China, Brazil and Spain.


With respect to the extractive sector, the accumulated value of fishery exports (467,000 tonnes) was reached between January and September 2011 at US$1,029 million, reflecting a slight increase compared to on-year.

In the first nine months, 238,754 tonnes of fishmeal were sold overseas for US$360.6 million while a year earlier, 276,800 tonnes had been exported for US$468.9 million. In value terms, the decline was 23% on-year.


The most important destinations of fishmeal were China, Germany, Taiwan and Denmark.


Frozen seafood product sales abroad totalled US$441.8 million, which represented a rise of 46.4% on-year. These products were mainly directed to China, South Korea and Spain, with a total participation of 63%.


As for canned products, the sales performed in the first nine months of 2011 totalled US$70.6 million, 16.7% less than on-year. The main markets were Spain, Singapore and Hong Kong, with shares of 22.3%, 18.7% and 10.5%, respectively.


Aquaculture sector exports accounted for 69.6% of the total sale abroad value and 45% of total exports between January and September this year, with US$2,356 million and about 382,800 tonnes. These figures represent increases of 51.1% in value and 33.5% in volume compared with on-year.

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