December 13, 2011


Prices of India's poultry products increase gradually


Prices of poultry products that were on a downswing due to seasonal uncertainties are now slowly rising. 


The National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC), Namakkal zone, which during the middle of the week had trimmed the price to INR2.84 (US$0.05) a piece, yesterday increased the price to INR2.87 (US$0.05).


The Hindu Business Line reports that eggs, that witnessed an increase in the start of November on the onset of winter, stayed flat at INR2.94 (US$0.06) last month because of fears of buyers' resistance and slack offtake.


NECC's rates of layer birds (for birds of 1.3 kilogrammes), too, are up a tad at INR44 (US$0.84) a kilogramme INR43 (US$0.82). Meanwhile, the price of broiler chicken is on a slide and has been trimmed to INR40 (US$0.76) a kilogramme from last week's INR43 (US$0.82). Namakkal and Palladam prices are the benchmarks for eggs and chicken in the country.


"This is a usual phenomenon and we will increase the prices slowly as the Sabarimala season is in its fag end and Christmas is fast approaching, when the demand for poultry products resumes," said an NECC spokesperson.

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