Adisseo brought together key researchers and users worldwide for its ruminant conference 2020 Vision and Beyond last month in Paris. The experts shared timely presentations on the latest research and advancements in amino acid nutrition and formulation.

Adisseo assumes distribution of its Smartamine®, MetaSmart® and Microvit® A Supra Ruminant products in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa from Kemin Industries on January 1, 2020. Since 2006, Kemin and Adisseo worked together to successfully grow awareness in the industry about amino acid balancing and its benefits for dairy nutrition. Adisseo distributes these products in the rest of the world.

The conference started with a welcome from Jean-Marc Dublanc, CEO of Adisseo, followed by a clear explanation of the Adisseo vision and strategy for ruminants by Francois Pellet, executive director of the Adisseo Specialties Strategic Business Unit. After which, Torsten Hemme, managing director of the IFCN Dairy Research Center in Kiel, Germany, delivered a focused look at the EMEA dairy markets in 2020 and beyond.

The focus then shifted to the current status of amino acid nutrition for dairy cows. Charles Schwab, professor emeritus, the University of New Hampshire, the United States, shared insights on the amino acid requirements of dairy cows. Dr. Mogens Larsen, senior researcher, Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University (Denmark), detailed protein deficiency and its effects in periparturient dairy cows. Phil Cardoso (DVM, Ph.D., MS) assistant professor of the Department of Animal Sciences, University of Illinois, US, presented the benefits of amino acid balancing for the cow in transition in terms of performance, health and reproduction.

Next, the conference focused on the status of today's ration formulation systems and the innovations being made. Dr. Tom Tylutki, CEO of Ag Modeling and Training Systems (AMTS), US, provided an update and recommendations for ration formulation. Daniel Sauvant, professor emeritus of animal science, AgroParis Tech, shared highlights and key advances on the INRA 2018 Feeding System. Dr. Schwab returned to discuss how best to assess protected products for feed and ration formulation.

Attention then focused on practical hands-on application experience. Eric Schwab, director of dairy research and product management, Vita Plus Corp., US, shared lessons learned from the practical use of amino acids in the Midwestern United States. Laurent Thiaucourt, (DVM) dairy nutrition consultant (France), likewise shared his perspective and practical insights on using amino acids in compound feed programmes in Europe.

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