December 12, 2019


Japan's Agriculture Minister showcases wagyu beef safety to China


Agriculture minister Taku Eto stressed the safety of Japan's wagyu beef to visiting Chinese Ambassador to Japan Kong Xuanyou in efforts to resume Japanese beef exports to China, reported The Japan Times.


The minister and China's diplomat toured meat processing company Miyachiku, located in Tsuno, Miyazaki prefecture. The company has been approved for beef exports to the United States and European Union and has an international hygiene control certification.


There is a ban on beef exports from Japan to China since 2001 due to concerns regarding mad cow disease. Both countries recently signed an agreement in November 2019 on quarantine and animal health issues, which met one of the conditions for the beef export ban to be lifted.


The ban is expected to be lifted once all conditions are met and Japan's meat processing facilities have been approved.


-      The Japan Times