December 12, 2016


EW Nutrition wins double silver at EuroTier



At EuroTier in Hanover, Germany last month, EW Nutrition won its first silver at the Innovation Awards for its on-farm dosing system Easy@ that applies liquid supplements directly into the feeding line of poultry. Its second silver was awarded by German publishing house DLV for Activo® NoDys.


Activo NoDys is a combination of microencapsulated secondary plant compounds supplemented with specific prebiotics and mid-chain fatty acids.


"Both innovation awards and the excellent work of EW Nutrition here at EuroTier as a launch platform for Easy@ and Activo NoDys emphasise our innovation work to develop products that really offer clear and relevant solutions to our customers," commented Dr. Heinrich Kleine Klausing, managing director and head of product management at EW Nutrition. 


Robert Nichol, managing director for EW Nutrition South East Asia Pacific congratulated his colleagues on a job well done and added that both the Easy@ applicator and Activo NoDys have been field-tested in Europe, with scientifically proven results. Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific countries will in 2017 gain initial exposure and local experiences with Easy@ and Activo NoDys.
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