December 12, 2008

Bulgaria to destroy Irish pork on dioxin scare

Bulgaria will destroy 61.4 tonnes of raw Irish pork after the EU orders the destruction of any Irish pork produced after September 1, according to the veterinary authorities on Thursday (Dec 11).


The amount of meat products subject to destruction and for testing for dioxins will be announced after analysing the content of Irish pork, said the Agriculture and Food Ministry.


Veterinary officials confiscated and banned the sales of 76.4 tonnes of Irish pork produced after September 1, including 15.26 tonnes of fresh and cooked sausages.


Meanwhile, the Swedish National Food Administration has named several Swedish meat and fish companies that had imported pork from dioxin contaminated farms in Ireland. The named companies include Alf Johanssons charkuteri, Bjork & Magnusson, FDC Fiskgrossist, Nordstroms lax och rakor, and Skanestyckarna.

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