December 11, 2019


DSM - Cattle feedlots in Brazil set to grow


Dutch animal nutrition and health company DSM said cattle feedlots in Brazil are projected to grow to reduce environmental pressure and increase efficient ways to raise and terminate livestock in the country, reported Reuters.


Brazil has the world's largest commercial cattle herd and is the second biggest global producer after the United States. 


Marcos Baruselli, DSM manager for feedlots businesses said the US have half the cattle Brazil raises but is able to produce far more beef.


According to DSM data, there is a 2% growth, or 5.3 million head of cattle slaughtered in Brazil after 90 days spent in feedlots. Baruselli said the trend will move upwards as the local model of production (clearing land to raise livestock) is affected by environmental pressure.


He added that farmers using feedlots to finish fattening the animal before termination can complete a year's worth of tasks on the pasture in only three months.


Prices for cattle have increased with demand for beef growing amid dwindling supplies in China caused by an African swine fever outbreak there.


The rise in cattle prices have also promoted the use of technology among farmers. More livestock is put in confinement, which boosts rancher's profits because they are more productive.


An estimate on Brazilian ranchers use of feedlots in 2020 will be released in February next year by DSM.


DSM is registering a new feed additive for cows said to cut the animal's methane emissions by 30%. Juliano Acedo, marketing director of DSM said the company will launch the new feed additive in Brazil by end 2020.


-      Reuters