December 11, 2018

AB Vista: New application rate for endo-xylanase enzyme published



A new EU application rate has been approved for AB Vista's Econase XT xylanase, a product based on the beta 1-4, endo-xylanase enzyme.

Following the submission of additional data and a thorough review by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the European Commission published an amended version of the annex, reducing the minimum dosage of Econase XT for laying hens and pigs for fattening. This means that users in the EU can now apply Econase XT in feed for laying hens at a level in line with what is normally recommended across the world.

As the most heat resistant xylanase, Econase XT has shown efficacy in broilers, laying hens and pigs, providing benefits across a wide range of feed ingredients in terms of feed efficiency, performance and cost savings, AB Vista said.

- AB Vista