December 11, 2008
Romania investigating pork imports via third countries

Romanian health authorities said Wednesday (December 10) they had launched an investigation after it was found that up to 115 tonnes of Irish pork products had been imported via other European countries.

The meat products, which arrived in Romania in late September, had made their way to 27 counties around Romania, the National Veterinary Health Authority, or ANSVSA, said.

Checks were being conducted to locate the pork products to withdraw them from the market, ANSVSA added.

Some 70 tonnes had come via Poland and Hungary, while 40 tonnes arrived from France and 3.6 tonnes from Belgium, the authority said.

ANSVSA said Monday that no meat had been directly imported from Ireland, but added it was investigating whether meat products may have come in via a third country.

The Irish government said Saturday it was recalling all pork products made in the Republic of Ireland after the discovery of a toxic substance in slaughtered pigs.

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