December 11, 2008

Glenae Hatchery in Malawi to produce new chicken breed


Glenae Hatchery in Malawi which is under Conforzi Plantations Ltd in has produced a new disease resistant chicken breed called Hubbard.


Atu Kalinga, general manager of Conforzi Plantations Limited said that the new chicken breed can lessen mortality rates.


Kalinga said that Glanae Hatchery has the capacity to produce 40,000 chicks per week.


The new breed is expected to bring many poultry farmers back to business after they abandoned the trade due to high feed prices and frequent disease attacks, Kalinga added.


A Zimbabwean poultry farmer Perpetual Mlilwana, who said has been in poultry farming for 11 years, educated the farmers on the new breed.


Glenae Hatchery is the third largest hatchery in Malawi after Central Poultry and Charles Stewart. The hatchery opened its doors in June this year.

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