December 11, 2008

Finland's meat production increases in first 3 Qs


Finland's meat production from January to September 2008 has increased by one percent to 297.1 million tonnes, data from the Gallup Food and Farm Facts showed.


Consumption of meat upped 2 percent to 285.2 million kilogrammes while meat imports amounted to 39.3 million kilogrammes, and exports by 53 million kilogrammes.


Pork consumption increased by 2 percent from January-September 2007. A total of 162.9 million kilogrammes of pork were produced, and consumption totalled 136.6 million kilogrammes. Pork imports totalled 16.4 million kilogrammes while beef production fell by 9 percent from the corresponding period in 2007. Beef production totalled 58.5million kilogrammes, and consumption 70.7million kilogrammes. Beef imports totalled 11.9 million kilogrammes.


Poultry production totalled 74.8 million kilogrammes, up by 6 percent from the corresponding period in 2007. Poultry consumption totalled 73.8 million kilogrammes, exports 7.9 million kilogrammes, and imports 7.4 million kilogrammes. Production of turkey products dropped by 13 percent to 7.43 million kilogrammes as meat product company Järvi-Suomen Portti has stopped production.

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