December 10, 2016

US chicken council addresses stunning issues


The US National Chicken Council (NCC) has initiated a campaign to inform and educate the public and stakeholders about several hot-button issues surrounding the production and treatment of birds used in the poultry supply chain.

One of these issues is the stunning methods widely used by commercial processors, which includes electrical stunning and, to a smaller degree, controlled atmosphere stunning. The NCC said it has addressed this issue to clarify any misunderstandings surrounding the poultry production process through its online resource, Chicken Check In, at, wherein Dr. Karen Christensen, an extension poultry specialist and associate professor at the University of Arkansas, answers frequently asked questions.

Chicken Check In also hosts a new YouTube video in its "Day in the Life" series of videos, which provides visitors with a look inside a chicken house where broiler chickens are raised. It also uses video footage to show chickens' first day on the farm through the day when they are transported to processing facilities. 

NCC likewise announced a new blog, "The Cluck," which clears up misperceptions and addresses questions related to how chicken products are labeled and better define what they mean.

"The mission of Chicken Check In is to provide those who have questions with the level of information they want regarding the care and safety of the chicken they eat, and to feel confident in eating it", said Tom Super, NCC senior vice president of communications.

"We're committed to continuing to work to build consumer trust by inviting Americans to ask the questions they have now and in the future as they learn more about chicken production", he added.

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