December 10, 2008


Pork processing in Northern Ireland resumes


Pig processing resumes in Northern Ireland as pork products have been returned to supermarket shelves.


The Belfast office of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) said it pork products are already safe as no contaminated feed had been fed to pigs.


Maria Jennings, spokeswoman for the FSA said the agency was certain at this point that Northern Ireland pork is safe for consumption.


She added that they are happy for processors to resume processing and filling the shelves with Northern Ireland pork products.


The agency also found that some pork produced in the Republic had been purchased in the North by 11 processors and was sold to supermarkets.


It is advisable that anyone with products bought in other parts of Ireland since early September either dispose of them or return them to their retailer for a refund.


Processing recommenced yesterday at the North's largest processor, Grampian Country Pork in Cookstown in Co Tyrone.


Normal levels of production have been reached and farmers hope the backlog of unsold animals will be cleared by the end of the week.


Tesco supermarkets said they were happy to begin restocking their shelves with Northern Ireland pork products.


Tesco commercial manager Cliff Kells said they are delighted to get the clearance from the FSA and are restocking their shelves with local brand products.

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