December 10, 2008
Bentoli intensifies focus in Latin America
Press Release

Bentoli AgriNutrition, a Texas-based speciality feed additive manufacturer, has announced the extension of its plans to increase focus in South and Central Americas.


Driven by the performance of the speciality feed additive products in the Latin American markets, Bentoli earlier this year appointed Dr Juan Manuel Amado, as Territory Sales Manager, Mexico and elevated Javier Orus Guerra as Area Sales Manager. 


In addition to the support from its distributors in Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil and Chile, Bentoli AgriNutrition has established its subsidiary offices in Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Chile as part of its intensified focus.


Veterinarian Dr Juan Manuel has been active in the livestock and feed manufacturers segment of Mexico for over 18 years, offering sales, marketing and technical support to customers in the region. Dr Manuel will be responsible for strategy, sales and development of Mexico for Bentoli AgriNutrition's mold inhibitors, antimicrobials, acidifiers, organic minerals and toxin binders among other product range.


Javier, backed by his over 20 years experience in sales, marketing and customer development in the animal health and feed industry in Ecuador, will be focusing on key customers in Ecuador and Peru apart from supporting Mexico. The efforts of both Javier Orus and Dr Juan Manuel will be supported by products and laboratory services from the Austin, Texas, US facility.


Bentoli AgriNutrition has presence in over 40 countries worldwide supported by research and production facilities in Austin, Texas, and Singapore.  Their product range includes pellet binders, flavors, mold inhibitors, mycotoxin binders, organic minerals, direct fed microbials, attractants, antioxidants, antimicrobials, acidifiers, digestive enzymes, pigments, biosurfactants etc.

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