December 9, 2021


Arm & Hammer announces new director of innovation and product development


Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production has announced the appointment of its new director of innovation and product development.


Dr. Xandra Smith will be stepping into the role as her predecessor, Dr. Tom Rehberger, retired from the organisation at the beginning of December.


Dr. Smith has been with Arm & Hammer™ since May 2017. She previously served as the research manager genomics and ecology of microbes at the company's Waukesha, Wisconsin, US laboratory site.


Throughout her time at Arm & Hammer, Dr. Smith has led research efforts examining the genomics and ecology of microbes to provide new Bacillus strains for the Microbial Terroir™ programme and utilising genomic sequencing to understand pathogens important in livestock production systems.


"We are very excited to have Xandra assume the role of director of innovation and product sevelopment," said Dr. Scott Druker, general manager, Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production. "Her extensive academic and industry experience make her the perfect choice for this role. Xandra's technical expertise and passion for the work are perfectly suited to help us continue to evolve our technologies and expand our product offerings."


In her new role, Dr. Smith will be responsible for research, innovation and support for the Targeted Microbial Solutions™ platform within the Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production business. She will lead a team of highly skilled researchers working to solve some of the most pressing challenges in animal and food production today.


With his retirement, Rehberger concluded a long and notable career pioneering applications of microbial ecology in livestock production. His contributions to the industry have allowed Arm & Hammer to provide for its customers in new and innovative ways. During his time with the organisation, Rehberger fine-tuned Arm & Hammer's Microbial Terroir process, one of the first high-throughput molecular microbial ecology platforms for the development of customized probiotics for the livestock industry.


- Arm & Hammer