December 9, 2021

Meihua's 300,000-tonne new plant commence production

Meihua Biotechnology's new lysine plant in Jilin province started production on November 6 and rolled out its first batch of 70-percent lysine product on November 15.

Commencing construction in March this year, the company completed the factory in Jilin by October in a matter of eight months. With an annual production capacity of 300,000 tonnes, Meihua's plant can produce 2,200 tonnes of starch powder and 500 tonnes of 70-percent lysine per day, the highest output rate in the industry.


With the quiet arrival of the first winter snow, the 300,000 tons of lysine project of Jilin Meihua, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Meihua Biology, also started smoothly on November 6, and produced the first batch of 70 lysine on November 15. At the same time, the entire product process line was successfully opened up.

The project officially broke ground in March 2021, completed in October, and officially put into production in November. In just 8 months, with the concerted efforts of the project team headed by the Meihua Biological Engineering Department, we insisted on the initial goal. Building roads on hills and bridges when encountering water have overcome the difficulties caused by epidemics, supply, construction, and electricity curtailment, and completed the commissioning task with the advantage of more than half a month earlier than the original plan. The fastest commissioning progress was the commissioning of the third phase of the project. After driving for more than ten days, as of the end of November, the heating station was running smoothly with power supply and steam at full load; the daily abrasive capacity of starch can reach 2200 tons/day, the fermentation can achieve 4 batches of full batch operation, and the extraction rate can reach 500 tons per day. This is unique in the industry and the history of Meihua. It can be said that it has set a historical record. The speed of Meihua is exciting! In addition, the project team, with standard and sophisticated management, not only ensures that the project budget is within the planned scope. , It can also ensure that the project reaches production and results in advance, creating more benefits for the company.

The completion and commissioning of the Jilin Phase III project is a solid step taken by Meihua Biology towards its future strategic goals. It also means that Meihua Biology’s lysine production capacity has reached the million-ton level, and the industry's advantages have become increasingly prominent. The position is more consolidated.