December 9, 2011


Indonesian poultry integrators post positive results in 2011



Indonesian poultry integrators like PT Charoen Pokphand Indonesia, PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia, PT Sierad Produce and PT Malindo Feedmill have achieved upbeat results for the third quarter up to September 2011.


In first place, PT Charoen Pokphand Indonesia posted revenue of IDR13.49 trillion (US$1.5 trillion) or rose 24%, but the net profit margin fell from 15.08% to 14.30%.


The sales of PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia (Japfa) rose 15% to IDR 11.87 trillion (US$1.3 trillion), but the net profit margin fell from 5.85% to 4.55%. Besides that, Japfa has allocated IDR750 billion (US$ billion) or 75% of the bond continuing phase I/2012 which amounted to IDR1 trillion (US$83 billion) for the company's capital expenditure. The capital expenditure will be used to the development of feed mill facilities, chicken breeding, commercial chicken farming and poultry slaughter house in Sumatera, Java and Kalimantan.


PT Sierad Produce recorded a revenue increase of 13% to IDR3.07 trillion (US$341 trillion), but the net profit margin fell from 1.80% to 0.71%.


Furthermore, the net income of PT Malindo Feedmill rose 35.73% to IDR152.17 billion (US$17 billion). Of the net income, feed accounts for 66%, DOC 18%, broiler 11% and the rest is from other businesses.

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