December 9, 2011


Titan Group's swine complex starts commercial pig breeding


The swine breeding complex has started the insemination of the first batch of animals with more than 100 sows already been subjected to this treatment, 27 boars from 38 became sires and the rest are taught to work on the "figure" of a sow.


After a month the specialists will determine pregnancy of sows with the help of special ultrasound scanner. Pregnancy of the animals lasts for three months, three weeks and three days, in average they are able to bring 10-12 piglets. For future moms on Chelyabinsky public company KHP of Grigorovich a special fodder SK-1 was purchased. It is distinguished for large content of cellulose which supports good development of piglets.


Let us mention that now swine breeding complex is equipped with animals by 100%: 2,942 heads of sows and boars were settled into pedigree farm and boar farm. The animals are of three strains - landras, large white and dyurok. They were supplied by Irish company Hermitage Genetics. This amount of sows and boars is required by the enterprise to reach in maximally short period of time average daily norm of 50,000 heads and to ship 100,000 heads to meat packing plant each year. According to the plan, the first slaughter should take place in December 2012.


Separated subdivision "Pig Breeding Complex Petrovsky" is the first launch object of agro-industrial biocluster of the project "PARK: Industrial-Agricultural Regional Clusters".

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