December 9, 2011


Beef exports to South Asia rise 19%

Australian beef exports to South East Asia and Greater China increased 19% on-year in November, to achieve a new monthly record of around 15,430 tonnes.


Exports to the region during January to November 2011 lifted 7% on-year, to 129,396 tonnes, assisted by double digit growth to almost all markets, with the exception of Indonesia.


Shipments to China and Hong Kong continued to be fuelled by strong demand from the fast food sector, following a surge in prices for domestically produced meat. Taiwan also sourced more chilled and frozen beef from Australia during the 11 months to November 2011. Shipments to Taiwan were boosted by the gradual shift in focus on Australian beef in modern retail, the expanding fast food sector, and a fall in shipments from the US. Australian beef exports to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam all increased to new records, with shipments to the Philippines the strongest in 14 years. Strong demand from the growing foodservice sector and reduced exports from other countries such as Brazil and Uruguay assisted Australia's trade.


Australian beef exports to Indonesia fell 18% during the same period, to 36,911 tonnes, largely influenced by the Indonesian government's restriction on beef import permits.

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