December 9, 2008

Ireland's pig producers to incur losses for massive pork recall

Irish pig producers are facing a loss of EUR100 million (US$129 million), after all domestic pork products were recalled due to the dioxin-contamination case.


The recall has huge financial implications for the involved processing companies, and the industry needs immediate assistance from the government, said Cormac Healy, director of the Irish Association of Pigmeat Processors.


Irish pork products were recalled after tests confirmed that about 10 percent of Irish pigs may have consumed dioxin-tainted feed. UK authorities have advised consumers not to eat any Irish pork, while a host of countries have banned the product.


Pig slaughtering will not resume until the government pledges aid, the association said.


Recycled food products are also investigated for the source of dioxin contamination.

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