December 9, 2008


Russia's meat imports up 22 percent on-year in Jan-Oct

Russia's meat imports during the January-October period rose 21.8 percent on-year to 1.3 million tonnes, according to the Federal Customs Service on Monday (Dec 8, 2008).


Meat import value also jumped 50.7 percent on-year to US$4 billion during the period.


Most meat imports came from non-CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries, the service said.


Russia's poultry imports fell 5.4 percent on-year to 978,800 tonnes in the period. However, poultry import value surged 28 percent on-year to US$1.056 billion.


Russia's fish imports during the period grew 7.6 percent on-year to 685,500 tonnes, with value soaring 24 percent on-year to US$1.3 billion.


Last year, Russian meat imports increased 8.2 percent on-year to 1.42 million tonnes, the service said.

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