December 9, 2008

Irish authorities prepare to slaughter pigs over cancer scare

The Irish authorities are preparing to slaughter up to 100,000 pigs from farms affected by the pork cancer scare, the AFP reported Monday (December 9).

Ireland's chief veterinary officer Paddy Rogan said nine pig producer operations in the Irish Republic had been sealed off, as well as 38 beef farms that also received the contaminated feed.

The contamination risk for beef is however considered low, as cattle mainly eat grass.

Nine pig farms in neighbouring Northern Ireland had also received the feed, authorities there said.

The nine operations involved produce about 10 percent of the country's pigs. Rogan said the republic's other 490 pig farms were totally outside the contamination scare.

Irish authorities Saturday ordered a full recall of all pork products made in the country after the discovery of dioxins, which in high doses may cause cancer, in slaughtered pigs.

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